Upstream and Sunshine Solar | Solar for Social Sustainability and Youth

It’s easy for the solar industry to label itself as sustainable without doing much work. Well, solar panels make sustainable power, right? So, the business has got to be sustainable! While that’s not necessarily false, sustainability is a very broad term. As important as it is to be environmentally sustainable, there’s so many other ways that we can encourage social sustainability, especially in our communities. We’re proud to say we’ve been partnered with Upstream for four years to do just that. 

Who Are Upstream?

In Christchurch, our youth care services are vital in looking after our young people. There’s a whole host of amazing organizations like CDN Trust, Wai-ora Trust and Youth Alive working to help kids and families in need. They help prepare them for a good future while letting them still be kids, building strong relationships with mentors and kids their own age. Founded in January of 2018, Upstream is all about supporting these fabulous groups to do the work that they do by partnering with businesses across Aotearoa. With hundreds of partners in dozens of industries, Upstream gives consumers the ability to support incredible causes just by buying goods and services from local partners. Those partners contribute a certain amount of money per every sale they make to Upstream, who then distribute it to local youth charities to allow them to keep doing their amazing work. So far, they’ve raised over $340,000, the equivalent of 14,920 hours of community support across Christchurch.

How Are We Involved?

We’ve been working with Upstream since 2019, contributing over $5,000 throughout 2023 alone. This makes us their 23rd largest contributor, which gives us room to grow, but we’re super stoked to be supporting such a good stream (get it?) of organizations with our business. We’re currently the only solar power company working with Upstream, and when you buy with us, you’ll know that your money is going towards helping children in need. To be able to offer sustainable power while creating sustainable futures for our youth is something we’re extremely proud of.

What Has Sustainability Got To Do With It?

But what does it mean to make a sustainable future? Sustainable thinking is future focussed already, isn’t it? Indeed it is, but it’s by giving these young people the tools, skills and relationships they need to make their own future that Upstream paves the way for those young people to hopefully create new opportunities for their kids one day, creating a positive impact for the future to come.



If you want to support Upstream, go and check out their website to find a list of suppliers, including us: https://www.upstream.co.nz/. If your business is interested in partnering with Upstream, you’ll find a contact form on their website too where you can get in touch. And if you want sustainable power while supporting some great causes, then get in touch with us! If you’d like to watch an uncut interview with the co-founder of Upstream, Mitch Shaw, you can watch this video.

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