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Residential Solar

Solar Installation

How Does Solar Stack up?

With power prices have climbing 3% annually, solar energy has emerged as a practical and affordable solution for homeowners. As power costs continue to surge, investing in solar power offers Kiwi families a way to lock in lower energy rates and gain independence from the grid. The technology has evolved, becoming more accessible and cost-effective, making it an ideal time for New Zealanders to consider solar. This shift not only provides significant savings on electricity bills but also increases the value of properties. Solar is a wise investment for the future of any home in the country.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the heart of your energy independence, capturing the sun’s power and transforming it into clean, direct current (DC) electricity for your home. Embrace a brighter future with every sunrise.

Inverter & Battery

Our advanced inverter and battery setup ensures that the energy your solar panels collect isn’t just for daylight hours. Store surplus power to light up your evenings and enjoy uninterrupted comfort, come rain or shine.

Why Sunshine Solar?

100% Kiwi Owned & Operated:

Sunshine Solar is 100% Kiwi-owned and based in Canterbury and Wellington. By working with a local team, you can avoid the headaches that come with dealing with out-of-town contractors. Trust us for personalized service and support you can count on.

Reliability and Experience:

With 20 years of experience, Sunshine Solar has the expertise and insights to design and install solar systems that work for your specific needs. Our industry experience ensures that we deliver reliable, high-performance solutions that are built to last.

100% Vertically Integrated:

When you choose Sunshine Solar, our team handles everything from start to finish – from consultation and installation to post-sales support. With a single team handling all aspects of your solar project, you can expect a smooth and hassle-free installation process.


How Does Solar Really Work?

Discover the science behind solar power with Dr. Wilfred Walsh, our esteemed product quality control expert at Sunshine Solar. With a PhD in Physics and over 17 years of experience in renewable energy, Dr. Walsh brings a wealth of knowledge from his tenure as Head of Solar Potential & Energy Meteorology at SERIS and his roles across academia and industry. Join him for a detailed exploration of how solar technology can transform your energy consumption, backed by his extensive work on large-scale solar projects and his contributions to national energy strategies as a consultant to governments and the IEA. Dive deep into the benefits of solar with a leader who has been at the forefront of advancing solar energy in New Zealand and beyond.

How Does Solar work?

Solar Power:

When you put solar panels on your roof, they catch sunlight and turn it into electricity for your home. So, instead of buying all your electricity from the power company, you make some yourself. This means your power bill goes down because you’re using the sun’s free energy to run things like lights and appliances. Simple as that!


Want to use more solar and rely less on regular electricity? We’ve got bigger systems that can be paired with batteries. This way, the electricity you make in the daytime can also be used at night.

Solar Hot Water:

Did you know a big chunk of your power bill is just for heating water? Our Solar Hot Water Systems can help cut this down a lot. It’s like a special solar-powered water heater, and it’s so good that many of our customers barely use their regular heaters, even in colder months

About us

What sets Sunshine Solar apart

Sunshine Solar excels with a specialized team focused solely on solar. Our direct access to the latest products and in-house expertise across logistics, data analytics, and finance ensures optimal energy strategies. Backed by a robust 10-year installation warranty and 20 years of industry leadership, we guarantee excellence in every installation. Trust us for future-proof solar solutions.

How easy is it to Go Solar?

Step 1: Give us a call!

Contact Sunshine Solar and ask for an assessment of your home

Step 2: Assessment and Quote

Our assessor will look at your home and come up with a fixed quote with a design and payback period

Step 3: Finalising

Sunshine Solar will take care of all applications to your lines company and power retailer

Step 4: Installation

Sunshine Solar will install your new solar system and you enjoy your savings


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common enquiries about our solar solutions and find clear, concise answers to help guide your solar journey



“So here in April under lockdown: an update since my last post. November, free water heating. You will recall December was wet and cloudier than normal we paid $1.12 to heat our water. January and February was free heating and we await our March bill but given the weather we had, it will be another free month. April is also looking good so far to continue as a free month as well.”

Grahame Haines


“Had panels and a hot water diverter installed a few months ago. Whole process was great. From a quote to expected savings and seemless installation process. Had a small problem today with the hot water diverter. From phone call to problem fixed was just a couple of hours. Highly recommended this company.”

Darrin mitchell


“We were wanting to receive information about solar system options for our residential home. We have been in contact with Andrii from sunshine solar and we were pleased with the service! 5 star customer service! Thank you Andrii”

Romain Lahaut


“Sunshine Solar installed our 10-panel system last year. Our December bill dropped from $130 in 2021 to just $42 in 2022! We’re saving even in winter, and it’s great powering our home and charging our car. James provided clear details and the installation was seamless. Excellent follow-up service too. Thanks, Sunshine Solar team!”

Jo Wall


“Thrilled with the service from Sunshine Solar—both pre and post-installation. Their knowledgeable team, including office staff, kept us updated and were always ready to help. They assisted in coordinating with an informative electrician and related power companies. Even in just a few months, we’ve noticed savings and benefits. We wholeheartedly recommend Sunshine Solar to anyone considering solar. – Gary Sword”

Gary Sword


“I was new to solar and Chris explained everything very simply and clearly. It has now been 12 months since our installation and it has surpassed my expectations! A trustworthy and expert team who have followed up twice to make sure I understand how everything works.”

Kari White