250 x 400W Solar panels

110kw solar inverter

3 Years Real Payback time

33% Return on investment

Reduced total powerbill by 71%

Sunshine Solar: C&I Solutions

Executive Summary:

Undertaken by Sunshine Solar for the Strait Freight NZ, this project involved the installation of a state-of-the-art solar system over three weeks, culminating in late December 2023. Designed to significantly reduce electricity bills, this initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and support for the community.

Key Features

  • System Size: 100 kW solar array
  • Technology: 100 kW Huawei inverter and 400W Risen panels
  • The project is marked by its innovative approach, utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

    Solution & Implementation

    • Our approach to every solar system is tailored to perfection, ensuring optimal power output and ROI. This project was no exception, benefiting from a thorough design process, preparation, installation, and meticulous administrative work before being officially brought online.
    • Key Stakeholders: Calder Stewart Energy, Strait Freight NZ, and Sunshine Solar were instrumental in this project’s success.
    • Implementation Steps: From design to commissioning, every phase was executed with precision, ensuring the project’s seamless and efficient completion.


    • Performance Metrics for 2023:
      • Energy Production: 125.86 MWh
      • Equivalent to saving 50 tons of coal
      • 59 CO2 emissions avoided
      • Equivalent to planting 82 trees
    • While new, the project has yet to receive specific testimonials or awards, its impact is undeniable, laying the groundwork for future recognition.

    Why Choose Sunshine Solar

    • With 21 years in operation, over 160 commercial and 6000+ residential projects under our belt, Sunshine Solar is unmatched in experience. We guarantee the highest level of service and results, regardless of project scale.

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