The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Solar Panels for Your Home

With over 20 years of expertise, Sunshine Solar has been at the forefront of providing high-quality, affordable solar solutions tailored for every type of home in New Zealand. Whether you are looking to cut energy costs, contribute to a sustainable future, or both, installing solar panels is a smart step forward.

Why Choose Solar Panels?

At Sunshine Solar, we offer a range of solar systems to suit various needs and preferences. Whether it’s our reliable Alpha ESS G3 battery systems, which are known for their safety and environmental friendliness, or custom setups that maximize sun exposure and energy efficiency, we have options for every household.


Understanding Different Solar Systems

Off-grid inverters are the exact opposite of grid-tied inverters, working completely stand alone from the power grid. You’ll be relying solely on the solar that you’re generating to power your home. With such a heavy reliance on the inverter working in order to give you power, you need one that is as reliable as possible, which is why we recommend Victron. Their inverters are famously durable and robust, which is particularly great if your system is somewhere that might be hard for maintenance to get to. Victron inverters are also super versatile, allowing you to connect solar batteries, generators, and even other forms of renewable power generation, such as wind turbines and micro- hydro solutions.


How to Choose the Right Panels

  1. Assess Your Energy Needs – Consider your average energy consumption and peak electricity usage times.
  2. Evaluate Your Home’s Sunlight Exposure – We provide expert assessments to determine the most efficient setup for your specific location.
  3. Budget Considerations – Our competitive pricing and promotional terms, including interest-free periods, make solar panels accessible on any budget.


Installation and Maintenance

Our team ensures a seamless installation process and offers comprehensive maintenance services. We emphasize transparency and constant support, ensuring that you understand and are satisfied with every step of the process.



Embrace the future of energy with Sunshine Solar. With our extensive experience, customizable solutions, and commitment to sustainability, we are your trusted partner in making your home energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Ready to reduce your energy bills?

Contact Sunshine Solar today to get a free assessment and learn more about our solar solutions tailored just for you.

You can trust the team at Sunshine Solar from planning to installation and followup.
Very happy with my setup after over a year of use. Power bill much more acceptable 🙂

Suzanne Summerfield

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