How Solar Batteries work & Why Solar Batteries help level up your Solar System
Solar power and battery cost

What are the cost of solar power and Battery Systems in NZ 2024?

Low power user<br />
solar power system cost $10,000
Medium power user<br />
solar power system cost $10,000 t0 $20,000
High power user<br />
solar power system cost $20,000+
what is the cost price for solar batteries

Low Power User

  • Monthly Power Bills: Below $100
  • System Cost: Under $10,000 in 2024 from $40,000 in 2002. That’s a 75% Drop in price!
  • Ideal For: 1-2 people at home, using heat pumps or electric hot water. The system is expandable for future use, ensuring flexibility as your energy needs grow.

Average Power User

  • Monthly Power Bills: Below $200
  • System Cost: $10,000 – $20,000 in 2024
  • Ideal For: 2-4 people at home. This system can include a battery and is also expandable for future use, providing a balanced solution for moderate energy consumers.

High Power User

  • Monthly Power Bills: Above $200
  • System Cost: $20,000+ in 2024
  • Ideal For: 4+ people at home, with multiple forms of heating and a spa. This system is always expandable, accommodating high energy demands and ensuring you never run out of power.

Already Have Solar?

  • Monthly Power Bills: Around $100 / Month
  • System Cost: Can Vary from $10,000 to $15,000 in NZ 2024
  • Ideal For: 4+ people at home, with multiple forms of heating and a spa. This system is always expandable, and comes with an additional 5kw Inverter which can accommodate additional panels to your existing solar system accommodating high energy demands and ensuring you never run out of power.

Find Out How Much Solar Could save you

What makes up the Costs of installing a Solar System with batteries?

Understanding the NZ 2024 solar panels cost helps you make informed decisions. Solar panel cost varies based on several factors, including system size and installation complexity.

what is the cost of solar system batteries

Batteries (26.5%):
Batteries make up 26.5% of the cost. They store excess energy generated by the panels for use when sunlight is not available, ensuring continuous power supply.

Panels (18.5%):
Panels account for 18.5% of the total cost. They convert sunlight into electricity, and their quality and type directly impact the system’s efficiency and overall cost.

Installation (19%):
Installation costs, making up 19%, cover labor, mounting equipment, and materials required to securely and optimally set up the panels on your roof or property.

Inverter (13.2%):
Inverters represent 13.2% of the cost, converting the direct current (DC) electricity produced by the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be used in your home or business.

Balance of System (BOS) (10.6%):
BOS, at 10.6%, includes additional components such as wiring, switches, and monitoring systems, essential for the smooth operation of the solar power system.

Freight (6.9%):
Freight costs make up 6.9% of the total, covering the transportation of the solar panels and equipment to your location.

Service (5.3%):
Service costs, at 5.3%, include maintenance, monitoring, and post-installation services required to ensure the system’s long-term efficiency and performance.

With Affordable solar costs, how much can you save?

This is based off our standard 10 panel Starter Package over 35 years

Estimated savings from batteries - Opensolar


The projected energy cost is calculated by considering a 3.0% increase in energy cost each year, due to trends in the raising cost of energy. This estimate is based on Selected preferences, current energy costs and the position and orientation of your roof to calculate the efficiency of the system. Projections are based on estimated usage of 6875 kWh per year (NZ Average), assuming The following Rates:

Find Out How Much Solar Could save you

Utilising Battery Programability

Proposed Tariff Details – 3hrs FREE POWER
Energy Charges
Flat Rate
$0.29 / kWh
Free Hours
$0.00 / kWh
Feed-in Tariff
Feed In Tarrif
All Day
$0.10 / kWh
Fixed Charges
Lines Charge $1.13 / day

Estimated Solar Battery System Savings

Month Solar Generation(kWh) Export Credit($) Utility Billbefore solar ($) Utility Billafter solar ($) Estimated Savings($)
Jan 914 54 200 0 200
Feb 771 41 195 0 195
Mar 606 27 199 0 199
Apr 445 14 208 15 193
May 334 4 242 73 169
Jun 269 309 153 156
Jul 281 0 338 177 162
Aug 409 2 307 109 197
Sep 539 12 277 59 217
Oct 824 48 203 0 203
Nov 843 47 201 0 201
Dec 919 59 189 0 189

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  • 10.1 kWh Battery
  • 5kW Solar Inverter
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Power Bill Buster

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    How Much Could You Save with solar Batteries?

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