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Affordable Solar Batteries Now Available!

Affordable Solar Batteries Are Finally Here!

Discover the game-changing Alpha ESS G3 Battery, Australia’s #1 selling solar battery, now available in New Zealand. Known for its unmatched reliability, efficiency, and safety, the Alpha ESS G3 makes clean energy more accessible and affordable than ever before.


Why Choose Sunshine Solar

Local Expertise & Reliability

Over 20 years of experience and 7,000+ installations across New Zealand ensure that you’re working with seasoned professionals who understand your unique energy needs.

Quality & Affordability

Our commitment to high-quality solar solutions at competitive prices makes sustainable energy accessible to everyone, without compromising on performance.

Customizable Solar Solutions

Tailored systems designed to maximize energy production and cost-efficiency, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in solar power.

Ongoing Battery Promotions

Beat the Winter Package

What’s Included:

  • 10 Premium All-Black Solar Panels
  • 10.1 kWh Battery
  • 5kW Solar Inverter
  • 12 Months Interest Free VIA Q-CARD
  • Installation Included*

48 Months Finance Available 

Ready to take the next step towards a more Affordable future?

Contact Sunshine Solar today for a free consultation and discover how our tailored solar solutions can save you money while reducing your carbon footprint. Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have trusted us to power their homes and businesses with clean, reliable energy. Don’t wait – make the switch to solar and start enjoying the benefits of renewable energy today!

“At Sunshine Solar, we don’t just install panels; we care for homes. Every system is a promise of quality, powered by 20 years of trust and the support of 7000+ Kiwi families who chose a brighter way to power their lives.”

– John Wilson, Business Owner


Get started on your solar journey with a free quote from Sunshine Solar. Our team is ready to assess your specific needs and provide a tailored, no-obligation quote that outlines how solar can benefit you. Discover how easy and affordable it is to switch to solar—contact us today!



“Sunshine Solar installed our 10-panel system last year. Our December bill dropped from $130 in 2021 to just $42 in 2022! We’re saving even in winter, and it’s great powering our home and charging our car. James provided clear details and the installation was seamless. Excellent follow-up service too. Thanks, Sunshine Solar team!”

Jo Wall


“Thrilled with the service from Sunshine Solar—both pre and post-installation. Their knowledgeable team, including office staff, kept us updated and were always ready to help. They assisted in coordinating with an informative electrician and related power companies. Even in just a few months, we’ve noticed savings and benefits. We wholeheartedly recommend Sunshine Solar to anyone considering solar. – Gary Sword”

Gary Sword


“I was new to solar and Chris explained everything very simply and clearly. It has now been 12 months since our installation and it has surpassed my expectations! A trustworthy and expert team who have followed up twice to make sure I understand how everything works.”

Kari White

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