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Solar power and battery cost

Solar power is rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand due to its environmental and economic benefits. At Sunshine Solar, we are committed to helping you understand the impact of switching to solar energy.


Environmental Benefits:

Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Switching to solar helps decrease your carbon footprint and promotes a healthier planet.


Economic Benefits:

Solar power can lead to substantial savings on your energy bills by reducing your reliance on the grid.
Explore government incentives and rebates available for solar installations in New Zealand.


Energy Independence:

Solar power systems provide energy independence, protecting you from rising energy costs.
Learn how solar battery storage can help you maximize energy use and savings.


Increase in Property Value:

Installing solar panels can increase the value of your property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.
Understand how solar power systems can enhance your home’s marketability.


Customizable Solutions:

Sunshine Solar offers customizable solar solutions tailored to meet your specific energy needs.
Explore the various solar power systems available for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Find Out How Much Solar Could save you

How Much Does a solar system cost?

Understanding NZ solar panels cost helps you make informed decisions. Solar panel cost varies based on several factors, including system size and installation complexity.

Low power user<br />
solar power system cost $10,000
Medium power user<br />
solar power system cost $10,000 t0 $20,000
High power user<br />
solar power system cost $20,000+

What makes up the cost of the solar system

1. Panels (25.2%): Panels, making up 25.2% of the cost, convert sunlight into electricity. Their quality and type affect overall efficiency and cost.

2. Installation (25.8%): Installation is the largest cost at 25.8%, covering labor, mounting equipment, and materials for safe, optimal setup.

3. Inverter (18%): Inverters account for 18% of the cost, converting DC electricity from panels into usable AC electricity.

4. Balance of System (BOS) (14.4%): BOS, at 14.4%, includes additional components like wiring, switches, and monitoring systems, ensuring smooth operation.

5. Freight (9.4%): Freight costs make up 9.4% and cover transporting the solar panels and equipment to your location.

6. Service (7.2%): Service costs, at 7.2%, include maintenance, monitoring, and post-installation services to ensure system efficiency.

Panels (25.2% of solar system cost)

The solar panels themselves constitute 25.2% of the total cost. These are the most visible component of a solar power system and are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity. The type and quality of the panels can significantly influence the overall cost and efficiency of the system.


Installation (25.8% of solar system cost)

Installation costs account for the largest portion of the total expense at 25.8%. This includes labor, mounting equipment, and other materials required to securely install the panels on your roof or property. Professional installation ensures the system is safely and optimally set up to maximize energy production.


Inverter (18% of solar system cost)

The inverter makes up 18% of the total cost. It is a crucial component that converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be used in your home or business. High-quality inverters are essential for the efficient functioning of the solar power system.


Balance of System  (14.4% of solar system cost)

BOS includes all the additional components and equipment needed for the solar power system, excluding the panels and inverter. This category, comprising 14.4% of the total cost, includes wiring, switches, mounting hardware, and monitoring systems. These components ensure the system operates smoothly and safely.


Freight (9.4% of solar panel system cost)

Freight costs, which make up 9.4% of the total, cover the transportation of the solar panels and equipment to your location. This can vary depending on the distance and logistics involved in delivering the materials.


Service (7.2% of solar power system cost)

Finally, service costs represent 7.2% of the total expense. This includes maintenance, monitoring, and any post-installation services required to keep the solar power system functioning efficiently over its lifespan.

How Much Can You Save with Solar Panels in New Zealand?

This is based off our Standard 10 Solar Panel Starter Package with the following assumptions:

The projected energy cost is calculated by considering a 3.0% increase in energy cost each year, due to trends in the raising cost of energy. This estimate is based on Selected preferences, current energy costs and the position and orientation of your roof to calculate the efficiency of the system. Projections are based on estimated usage of 6875 kWh per year (NZ Average), assuming The following Rates: 

Estimated Power Rates


New Zealand Average standard Rates
Energy Charges
Purchase Price
All Day
$0.28 / kWh
Feed-in Tariff
rate 0
All Day
$0.17 / kWh
Fixed Charges
Fixed Charge $1.30 / day

Example of Solar Panel System Savings


Month Solar Generation(kWh) Utility Billbefore solar ($) Export Credit($) Utility Billafter solar ($) Estimated Savings($)
Jan 637 169 64 32 137
Feb 575 164 56 39 125
Mar 484 168 44 61 107
Apr 404 175 36 85 90
May 334 203 24 125 78
Jun 278 256 12 186 70
Jul 280 280 11 209 71
Aug 385 254 21 160 94
Sep 448 230 30 124 106
Oct 629 171 65 37 134
Nov 598 170 59 40 130
Dec 632 160 66 26 134


How Much Could You Save with solar?

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